We Still Don’t Know How George Michael Died

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George Michael and his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz


There’s still some mystery surrounding the death of pop star George Michael, the results of his autopsy were declared inconclusive, while it was first reported that he passed away peacefully at home, alone. His boyfriend Fadi Fawaz said the two were supposed to have lunch together on Christmas day when he discovered the body: ‘I went round there to wake him up and he was just gone, lying peacefully in bed. We don’t know what happened yet.’

Yet? But it seems we may never know. On Sunday morning Fawaz allegedly tweeted a series of statement saying that his famous boyfriend had killed himself: ‘The only thing George wanted is to die. He tried numbers of times to kill himself many times and finally he managed’… but he has since deleted his account, which, according to him, was hacked: ‘I am shocked with what’s going on with the Twitter thing. My Twitter account has been hacked and closed,’ he declared to the Mirror. ‘It’s a bit scary to be honest. I did not send those tweets. I woke up at 11.30am to the news. I am not going to worry about these things.’

Meanwhile, the family had released another statement, saying they would ‘not comment on speculation surrounding his death’, since it would be ‘inappropriate’ to comment on the circumstances around the singer’s death.

I am well aware people always feel it is highly inappropriate to comment on someone’s death, especially when it is a star who was so beloved by so many, but truth is the truth and it always bothers me when we don’t have the truth.

If hacking is something happening quite often these days, the events leading to George Michael’s death are still unclear. The Telegraph, the Mirror and the Sun are still questioning his death and are reporting that Fadi refused to answer to a few questions after he claimed he slept in a car when George Michael died. Some friends even question the fact the two were still together, some have claimed that they had split 18 months ago, even calling Fadi ‘a leech’.

One thing is sure, George Michael had suffered from a severe case of pneumonia in 2011, which had reduced his lung capacity of 20%, decreased his ability to sing and greatly affected his overall health.

I never think it is inappropriate to want to know the truth about someone’s death, may be George Michael died ‘peacefully’ in his bed as it was officially reported, but the idea that his boyfriend was sleeping in the car outside when it was happening, is a bit odd.


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