Welcome To The New and Improved rocknyc!

Written by | January 30, 2015 0:26 am | one response

pour the champagne, pour the champagne!

pour the champagne, pour the champagne!


For over six years rocknyc has been in your face keeping you in touch with all things musical.  We’ve started trouble, we’ve exposed the fakes and hell we’ve even had seances to bring back dead rock starts….but never have we looked so good.

With a back catalog of tens of thousands of posts we were getting a bit bogged down.  We needed to sharpen up, categorize and give you our readers a better way to navigate our never ending stream of information.
G’head go click away, want live show review.. click, news? click, wondering who the fuck killed Elliott Smith? click click click.

This is a labor of love finally looking like the million bucks we are… speaking of bucks.. got a business?  Advertise with us, we can get you message out to thousands of cool mo’fo’s thus making you and your business… cool mo’fos

On behalf of Alyson Camus, Iman Lababedi, our friends families and supporters.. welcome!  Pull up a chair and get reading. xo


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