What Do Good Charlotte, Avicii, Madonna And 1D Have in Common? They All Suck

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One Direction Home

One Direction Home

Here is two for the price of one because, really, I don’t care too much about either but a post is a post… Avicii and Madonna are collaborating and Good Charlotte and One Direction are collaborating and between the four of them, I think they are doing it just to piss me off.  

Avicii is an arrogant little shit who is following in the footsteps of his betters only with a more sidewinder sense of popness and Madonna is a hasbeens has been, an uber-arrogant bore. One Direction, like many a pop band before them, want to grow up and so they’ve teamed up with… Good Charlotte…????

Between the four of them the only direction this is leading is all the way down to zero. And while pop punk is an OK direction for One Direction I guess, it is still a little irrelevant right?

As for Madonna, It has been well over a decade since Madonna met William Orbit and actually created, you know, new exciting music that people wanted to hear and really, joining forces with Avicii sure stinks of panic.  And for good reason, she can’t tour again until everybody forgets that she completely sucked and never showed up on time and so she is search of a hit album and Avicii can manufacture hits but will he give her his “A” material?

Let’s stay on egos gone wild for one more piece of stale news: U2 claim they will have a new album finished by the end of year. Okay, folks, go about the business of living.



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