What Happened To Dead Man’s Bones, Ryan Gosling’s Old Band?

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Ryan Gosling at the FYF Fest in 2010

Everyone is making a big fuss about the fact that Ryan Gosling learnt to play piano for ‘La La Land’, but has everyone forgotten that he has been a musician for quite some time? I am sure he needed to be very convincing as an excellent jazz pianist hired by the John Legend character, but Ryan Gosling was actually in a band called Dead Man’s Bones years ago. I saw them perform at the FYF fest in 2010, at the time, the FYF fest was much smaller, and held at a different location. It was another time, a better time, and I would almost feel nostalgic to think about it! Here my short review of their 2010 performance:

The crowd around the Redwood stage when Dead Man’s Bones was just about to perform was so large, that I was not able to get close enough for my taste. It shows how this kid choir works for people. The Children of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Choir, actor Ryan Gosling and his friend Zach Shields mix old fashioned music with dark poesy, and create 60’s or even 50’s flavored tunes with lyrical outbursts channeled by very young voices,… and the result made the crowd’s heart melt of delight last Saturday.

There was a little bit of magic, literally, I mean a magician opened the set by cutting out a piece of paper very fast with a pair of scissors to make appear ‘Dead Man’s Bones’ on it. And they continued to play around that magical side of their act, the cute little kids had dressed up in Halloween costumes, from Charlie Chaplin, to Janis Joplin, Beethoven, and Betty Boop, and their mystic, magic, and even morbid trick were always sugar-coated: there was a costume contest at the end and, of course, the youngest and cutest one won and got the awesome task to smash a guitar on stage.

The show stayed on the creepy side, hey, they are making the kids sing sentences such as ‘My body’s a zombie for you’, or ‘Welcome to a place where nightmares/Are the best part of my day’, or ‘When I think about you/flowers grow out of my grave, grave grave!’,… you got the picture! But it’s also warm and fuzzy at the same time, like a Spielberg movie. And I’m not saying this because there is an actor in the lot, no, I’m saying this because there is a lot of mise-en-scene around their act, because it’s childhood embracing darkness and heavy stuff like death. I don’t know where they will go from this, but it was sure a heartfelt act at the FYF fest.

Watch them perform ‘My body is a zombie for you’, like a doo-wop song suddenly turned spooky:

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