What is It With the Late Starts? Rihanna Goes On Stage Two Hours Late At Barclay On Sunday

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On the Barclay Center Facebook page Greg diChiara convinced me to skip Rihanna at Barclay Center with his review of rihanna at the Barclay center on Sunday: “Really ??  Over two hours late and not so much as an apology, the concessions closed before the act even came on ! How is this tolerated ? People spend a lot of money to see an act and have to work the next day, it is the acts responsibility to be on time. These acts need to realize that they are only making money touring, not selling records. Pissing off fans that come out to see them isn’t a smart move.”

Rihanna got on stage somewhere between 1015pm and 11pm, she played for 90 minutes or  if i went to the show and then went home I would be asleep at 2am and up again at 5am. I can’t do it and Greg regrets doing it himself.

What is it with these rock stars not getting on stage till whenever the hell they feel like it? is Rihanna or Justin Beiber, Gaga or madonna, out of their fucking minds? Are they so out of touch with the public they don’t realize that working people can’t and don’t want to spend two hours at a stadium twindling their pubes and waiting for some egotistical monster to thrill us by their presence.

God save Taylor Swift, who got on stage EARLY at 830p, allowing everybody to be still awake when they saw her, and home by 1130p. Really, isn’t that the way to do it? Concerts aren’t endurance tests and there is no reason for fans to be abused via both the money and the musician. I saw Rihanna two years ago and she was on stage at 9pm. what happened in the interim?

The little monster can fuck gangstas, get beaten up by her boyfriend, smoke weed, act like a privilged moron. Do whatever she wants. What she can’t do is abuse her fans. That’s out of order. what a stupid, selfish nasty piece of work.


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