What To Do When A Band You Love Adds A Night At A Better venue?

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long fingers

So I love Gary Clark Jr and despite hating Terminal 5 ponied up for the Saturday night November 16th  gig. I knew it was going to be an infuriating evening, I realized that the so close I could watch his fingers move experience of November 2012 at Bowery Ballroom was not to be repeated, but there was the sound and if I just sucked up that it was gonna be a visual disaster, well, I could live with it.

So I bought a ticket.

And then a week later discovered that Gary was adding a night at the Apollo.

Well, now, that is a much better proposition.

Who wouldn’t prefer the Apollo over T5? Not just history, acoustics, but seats!!! You can actually see something in the Apollo and the price of the ticket was only $40.

Clark sold out both T5 nights with ease and thank God for Live Nation (who provided a presale code), I wasn’t overly worried about a sell out for the Apollo, but I didn’t want to see him twice. So my problem was wither T5? A good question and the obvious answer is dump it on Stubhub… just not now. At the moment tix are on Stubhub for as low as $42 and the reason is simple, now a date has been added at the Apollo the bottom has fallen out of the market.

So, yes, I will sell it on Stubhub just not today. Wait till the Apollo gig goes on sale to the great unwashed and then wait two weeks longer and then the ti prices should float back into the $100 range, and then undercut the market by twenty bucks, and sell it at $80.

And that, my friends, is how you deal with a band that has added a date at a better venue when you have already bought a ticket.


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