When Donna Summer Baked A Caked

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 I was thinking about Donna Summer today.  Her death meant little to me since I was never fan of disco but those songs were pounded into my head at a young and impressionable age so they will always be a part of my childhood. 

Each one triggers a different memory. 

One song that never made any sense but had a nice melody was MacArthur Park. Most of her songs were about love or sex and this one time she tried to venture a little deeper she basically fell off a cliff.  What was she ainging about anyway? There are a lot of interpretations of that song, and checking the internet I came across this one:

MacArthur Park is a sad, touching song about a once wonderful relationship- one that comes along rarely. MacArthur park is the relationship. The cake is everything that was put into the relationship to make it what it is ( it takes a lot of ingredients to make a cake or a relationship). The cake being left out in the rain and melting is saying that the relationship is not being nurtured and is melting and falling apart. The part where he says "i dont think that i can take it because it took so long to bake it and i'll never have the recipe again" means he is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that it took a lot of time and effort to get this beautiful relationship and now its falling apart because its not being looked after and all the special qualities poured into the relationship will never be able to be duplicated.

But others suggest this simpler explanation:

It's quite simple really, there was a picnic in the park and it started raining. Some silly sod let the cake get wet. The cake was really big ("it took so long to bake it") so they had to clean up the mess. They used a napkin but the recipe was written on the napkin, so the recipe was lost and they can't make the cake again.

It’s a tough choice, but make perfect sense.

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