When Morrissey Is A Piece Of Cake

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This woman bakes cakes, Morrissey cakes! Vivian Guerrero is a die-hard Moz fan but she is also a baker, she has attended more than 150 Morrissey concerts worldwide and she recently decided to make the biggest homage she could think about: bake cakes with the Moz face plastered all over them, and the result is quite astonishing

Cupcakes, birthday cakes, everything goes and she even made a three-tier cake when Morrissey turned 57 a couple of weeks ago; she brought the cake at the Part Time Punks’ Morrissey Night at the Echoplex where 800 fans could eat a piece of their favorite morose singer.

Munchies, a website from VICE dedicated to food, caught up with her and her passions which she managed to combine into one project, she admits to have spent 100 hours working on a Morrissey cake.

‘Ever since I was really young, I was obsessed with food, and I’ve always been talented in art. One day, I just merged the two via cakes. I’m inspired by the things I love. For me, this means Morrissey.’

She is very talented and she comes up with cake inspired by songs: ‘The flavor of those cupcakes is black velvet with black frosting. The cupcakes are placed on black cupcake liners, too. This is inspired by the lyrics for his song “Unloveable,” which goes like: “I wear black on the outside ‘cause black is how I feel on the inside.” I’m experimenting with Morrissey conchas and other pan dulce, too.’

But the big question is, are these cakes vegan?

‘It was not, and I’m going to be crucified for that. I know it. People are already asking me, “How could you make a Morrissey cake that isn’t vegan?” The answer to that is because in the test run, vegan cakes don’t stack. They crumble. I did several test runs and they fell apart. It didn’t work. Besides, he is vegan now but he was vegetarian for many years. There was one guy in the party who broke his vegan diet to eat it, though.’

I guess she should work on this because it’s going to crush Morrissey that people can sinfully pig out on his body made of buttery frosting and unvegan chocolate!


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