When Sufjan Stevens Comments On Katy Perry’s New Album

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Sufjan Stevens and Katy Perry


What does Sufjan Stevens even know about Katy Perry? Do they even live in the same musical sphere? Not only he knows about her, but he has started to comment on her new album that he acknowledged on his Tumblr – yep Sufjan is hip enough to have a Tumblr – but I need a translation or a decoder to understand what he means because I don’t even know if he is appreciative or ironic!

Commenting on Katy’s lyrics ‘Your words are like Chinese water torture’ (from her song ‘Déjà Vu’), Sufjan wrote:

‘LORD JESUS HAVE MERCY’ (but this seems to be the title of his Tumblr!)

And y’all thought it was weird when I wrote, ‘Tuesday night at the Bible study,’’

Lord Jesus.

Katy Perry was probably at THAT SAME BIBLE STUDY.

We probably did popcorn prayer together.

I love this world.’

What’s the hell? This is the weirdest thing ever. but since Sufjan mentions Jesus and the Bible, I had to bring hell into this,… but what does he even mean? Bible study? Popcorn prayer?

I know they are both god-freaks/true believers, and this could be a strong connection, but nothing in this ‘Lord have mercy’ post seems to praise her? Popcorn prayer sounds like a derogatory comment, does he mean that Katy is a superficial pop culture consumable? But at the same time Sufjan is a Christian, not supposed to say bad things about another Christian fellow and there is this ‘same bible study’, this ‘did popcorn prayer together’ which sounds like a mysterious cultish sin-confession connection that totally escapes me.

If you look at the lyrics of Perry’s song, there’s nothing really remarkable about her ‘Déjà vu’ song, it’s about a boring relationship that doesn’t go anywhere, a ‘we’re running on a loop’ situation, so what could trigger such a reaction from Sufjan?

It’s difficult to know, Sufjan speaks from a mysterious and distant planet, and if he doesn’t want me to believe he is making fun of the new Katy Perry’s album, ‘Witness’, which was released on the same day than his ‘Planetarium’, he has to be clear and has to stop talking in tongues!




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