Who to See At Governors Ball On Sunday

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Don’t tell me another year is over already? Looks like a day with a late start but let’s take a closer look, right?

155 – Fidlar – I may have missed the window of opportunity with these guys, they are already sobering up, the bastards. But if they have half the energy Alyson has been writing about from LA, they are a must see.

240 – Vince Staples – The album is great, the live show is terrible, but has he grown up in the past year?

325 – Eagles Of death Metal – I’ll just give em ten minutes on my way to…

325 – Vic Mensa – A Kanye West protégé and well worth seeing, his vocal on “Wolves” is exquisite.

425 – Chvrches – Glasgow rockers, hope they don’t start whining about trolls again.

425 – Joey Bada$$ – Pro Era hero, I am majorly up for this one, the second Chrvches start sucking I am so out of there.

525 – Courtney Barnett – I don’t much like her but again, I’ve heard the live experience might turn my head.

630 – SPECIAL GUESS – Hmmm, at the Bacardi house, hmmmmmm…

650 – Gary Clark Jr – has this guy never met a Festival he doesn’t love?

7 – Two Door Cinema Club – And I ain’t moving until…

915 – Kanye west – And I can not wait to see Yeezus at this venue, he was terrific a coupla years ago and I think he will be earth shattering here. The biggest show of the weekend by a longshot.



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