Whole Lot of Hating Goin' On

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Anger is one of the coolest emotions there is.  I swear I have spikes of fury so intense I could literally see myself tearing the limbs off another human being.

It doesn't take allot to piss me off either.  I am impatient, generally despise human kind, cant tolerate bad smells, or sights (ask Iman how many times I scream to bare chested manwhales to 'put a shirt on') but if there is one thing that will send me off the edge of fury into psychotic is it arrogance or carelessness and they are interchangeable.

We live in a society of tight quarters and obnoxious sound.  I don't want to hear your stereo and if I do I will pull out my speakers and blast the most repulsive music I can find over the hedgerow to ruin your party.  You want to blast some generic pop crap, you're getting Megadeath or Bongwater depending on how scared I want you to be. 

In day to day life there will always be that person who uses ignorance as their excuse for fucked up acts.  I don't buy it- I think its laziness and entitlement and just plain complacency.  Some people work harder than you may realize- we all have obstacles and it takes seconds to avoid conflict.  Unless of course you feel your superior, and lets face it- no one is superior to me.

Music is a great outlet for anger and at this moment I am so furious that I would like to duct tape myself to a chair to prevent bloodshed. We have covered music and emotion numerous times hell we have covered allot of things numerous times. 

This is the last time I will step out of the way as the path of least resistance.  The Clash once said "Anger can be power", perhaps it can be but it can also make a cool playlist. 

Heres my top 5 songs of fury and heres my telepathic long distance dedication.  Fuck you.

1-Dope "Die Muther Fucker Die" (this is great for childrens parties btw)

2- Korn "Dead Bodies Everywhere" , and I freakin hate Korn but the song makes certainly helps when throwing shit against the wall

3-Sick Puppies "You're Going Down" awful sweet intro for a  hate tune.

4-Lil Wayne "Drop The World", yeah I ain't a one trick pony

5- Marilyn Manson "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" 

Have a nice day.


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