Why Did Peaches Geldof Have To Delete Her Tweet?

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no sorry required

Peaches Geldof, the beautiful daughter of dashing Boomtown Rat Sir Bob Geldof issued public apology and deleted her tweets.  Seems she publicly named the two women indicted in the Ian Watkins baby rape case.  Why are these women’s names being withheld?

“Superfans” would offer up their kids to Ian that’s how they got the designation.  Rumors about that these woman ages 21 and 23 not only gave their kids to Watkins but participated in sex acts as well.  They are not minors, they are not being confirmed guilty but they are being protected more than the kids they damaged…and I don’t understand why.

The only rational is to protect the babies.  The babies least concern is that their identity be revealed.  Their names can be changed if need be their mothers killed by fire perhaps.  Other than that any sort of protection of women as mentally deficient as to offer their children to a ‘rock star’ is absurd.  Ian Watkins?  Are you fucking serious?  Where is the ‘star’ in The Lost Prophets?  It actually goes to show you guys in bands have more power than the Queen.

Peaches Geldof is understood to have tweeted the women’s names to her 160,000 followers  on Twitter.  “I deleted my tweets, however, and apologize for any offense caused,” she said.  Geldof said at the time of tweeting she had “assumed” the names she saw on tweets were also published on news websites.  She added: “Will check my facts before tweeting next time. Apologies and lesson learned.”

I find it pathetic that Geldof is so remorseful and that the law enforcement felt the need to make such issue of protection.  I say lets see these SuperFans, if Watkins face can have that press then so should his whores.


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