Why Is The World Not Going Bonkers Over The new Bright Eyes?

Written by | February 18, 2011 17:54 pm | 2 responses


I’ve been hating and then loving the new Bright Eyes album, The People’s Key, for about a month now. I hated on it big time at first -the ideas were too whacked, it took too much for me to meet it not halfway but any way.

Eventually, it kicked me on my butt DESPITE thinking the dr. phil bloke worked alright on the first song, but soon became an annoyance. I mean, I can never hear the noun “Pomegranate” the same way again EVER.

And I asked Alyson Camus to write the review because I couldn’t be bothered filtering through the album for meaning. I’m too old for that shit.

But i love the album, I’d be shocked if it isn’t on my top 20 list at the end of the year, and it has given me more and more consistent pleasure than anything this year except the MIA mixtape.

But people are hating on it.

How can you hate on album with not only “Shell Games” on it but also “Jejune Stars”. I mean there is even a song called “Halie Selassie” that doesn’t come close to sucking. Nothing really sucks and everything else is just so awesomely melodic.

It got a 70% on metacritic.

You’re joking me, right?

You gave Conor a 70%, CONOR??? Try using ears.

He may be a wide eyed idealistic pain in the neck but the man can write a better song in his sleep than every contender to the crown can even dream of.

Here they come “solipsistic”  “synths lack bite of acoustic guitars” … Oh wait, catch this from Pitchfork: “it still adds up to very little: a wildly spiritual record without any spirit”. Are you fucking kidding me. This from the assholes who gave  Kanye a  public fellating. Conor might not have much, but he absolutely has spirit.

Personally, I just fucking loath rock critics, Conor told new york magazine he doesn’t read his reviews and I couldn’t agree more.

Alyson might love it or might hate it, but I hope she does it the justice it deserves.

Me? I love it. Prefer it to Digital, vastly prefer it to Outer South. So shut your fucking faces.

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