Winner And Loser Week Of December 16th, 2013: Bobby Womack And UK Christmas Single

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Bobby Womack And The Fountain Of Youth
















Winner – Bobby Womack – You hear about these kinda things but until you actually see it,a man shed 20 years just by getting onstage, it is hard to believe it actually happens and yet there it is! The great, one of the greatest, soul man, found the fountain of youth just by performing his songs to an audience at City Winery and perform them he did, in 90 minutes of take no prisoners soul he smashed through every barrier and came out triumphant. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Loser – The UK’s Christmas Single – OK, guys, I guess the picking some song and then having all the X Factor haters take it to the top of the charts every Christmas in now over. In 2009, a spontaneous grassroots movement was made to push Rage Against The machine’s “Killin In The Name” to the top of the Charts for Christmas, when it won Zach said: “It was more about the spontaneous action taken by young people throughout the UK to topple this very sterile pop monopoly and less about the song and the band. We are very proud to have had the song chosen as the vehicle by which to do this.”. Five years later it is schtick and an AC/DC song came in at #4.

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