With These Two Lawsuits, Is This The End Of Courtney Love?

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Frances Bean Cobain, Isaiah Silva, Jessica Sullivan and daughter Arlo


Is this the end of Courtney Love? If you don’t know what I am talking about and haven’t followed the Cobain-Love-Silva saga, you can’t understand the significance of the recent development of the story: First, Isaiah Silva, who was married to Frances Bean Cobain, is suing his ex-mother in law for a long list of very serious accusations such as criminal conspiracy, burglary, robbery, sexual battery, kidnapping, attempted murder, criminal threats, false imprisonment, dissuading a witness, assault and battery, false imprisonment, extortion, stalking, intentional infliction of emotional distress, trespass. The lawsuit is 322 page-long and with its numerous (29) exhibits presenting plenty of evidence of conspiracy, this is not a joke.

But there is a new development, now Love is sued by Jessica Sullivan, Silva’s exgirlfriend who has a child with him. According to Billboard, Sullivan is suing Love, Lufti (already largely involved in the first lawsuit) and a few others, for criminal conspiracy, bribery, dissuading a witness, solicitation of perjury, intentional infliction of emotional distress and stalking.

Sullivan claims that she was forced by Love and Lufti to enter ‘into a criminal conspiracy to procure false statements, solicit perjury, and dissuade witnesses whose testimony would contradict [Frances Bean] Cobain’s claims related to the legal ownership’… of course it’s still about this same old guitar owned by Kurt Cobain, and given by Frances to Isaiah as a wedding present anniversary.

Both lawsuits are very interesting because they both accuse Love and her herd of lowlife people to have threatened people’s lives and as it was already the case for Silva, Sullivan claims that Lufti threatened to put her on the street, while calling her a ‘fucking cunt’, telling her to ‘die’, adding ‘Your kid will be in an orphanage’.

Add to the list the fact that Silva reveals in his lawsuit that Wendy O’Connor (Kurt’s mother) told him she believed Courtney Love was involved in her son’s death (pages 33-34)… and you will see a pattern.

Why would I be interested by this complicated and convoluted family affair? Because what will happen could be very important. If you are optimistic you hope for justice and if the two lawsuits manage to damage Courtney Love’s reputation (and hopefully much more), the landscape of music business could shift completely. Love is still regarded like this feminist icon, who is admired by so many young female musicians, but just imagine her fall, if she is convicted of these alleged crimes… Imagine the music landscape suddenly and dramatically changing, and imagine the reaction of some people who have constantly and restlessly accused people like me (or anyone who has always had doubts) of ‘misogyny’, linking Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith’s stories under the same ‘Yoko Syndrome’ ridiculous accusation, in articles like this one.

Imagine the shift, the seismic transformation… which could have repercussions on the story I am interested with. It would put things in perspective, and get rid off this stupid misogynist insult.

Of course, it is also very possible that nothing will happen, don’t Cobain and Love have all the money of the world and the best lawyers to crush these two lawsuits? After all they told Billboard that ‘Frances and the family are prepared to fight with a fury of unprecedented legal force and they will prevail.’

So is this time for justice and the cataclysm in Courtney Love’s life as some are hoping for? Or is it just another lawsuit in Courtney Love’s life?

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