Worst Behavior: Pop Stars In The 21st Century

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That Kanye West story where his former bodyguard ratted him out (here), well how bad was Kanye’s behavior? Look at it this way, if you were my bodyguard and I told you not to speak to my wife and you spoke toi my wifde, I’d fire you as well. It is a simple enough rule, DON’T TALK TO MY WIFE. So don’t do it. I mean, that and he doesn’t say please and thank you, and that is it. Katy Perry fired a chauffeur for looking at her in the rearview mirror, Prince? Oh please, he was a nasty guy and he fired someone FOR LOOKING AT HIM.

Don’t get me started on the 1970s,,,

1 – Kanye hasn’t slept with 13 year old groupies.

2 – He isn’t a Satanist

3 –  He isn’t a plagiarist.

Or to put it another way, he isn’t Jimmy Page.

In ius 2016, and there is a huge rift between the majority of the world and the 1%, and even so, who is to blame Justin Beiber for being sick to death of selfies. He can’t walk across the street, he can’t take a piss, he can’t breathe without somebody on his dick and to make matters worse, because of social media, there is a sense in which the fans expect and demand attention. They think they know him.

In 2016, everybody has instant access of things where there is no real access, it is a jump and a hustle and a hastle. That bodyguard was an amateur, he should have known better. It is his job to do as he is told to.

As for bad behavior, everything is out in the open, that’s how we are today.



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