You May Wear The Next Spotify Product?

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Wearable technology


According to a few tech blog sources, Spotify is working on a wearable, yes, something you will wear may be every day. Right now, Spotify is just a streaming service on your phone and computer, but the Swedish company wants to expand and develop something – we still don’t know exactly what – to bring Spotify everywhere with you.

The company has posted a job listing and is looking for ‘a passionate and seasoned’  Senior Product Manager to ‘enable the Internal IT team to grow and scale our service and product delivery in line with the evolving needs of the business, ‘and to ‘build frictionless and creative Spotify experiences via fully-connected hardware devices.’ they are actually a few job listings that show Spotify wants to develop an hardware team, but we still have to learn more about what they are exactly cooking.

According to the Next Web and Wired, this person ‘will lead an initiative to deliver hardware directly from Spotify to existing and new customers; a category defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles,’ and if you are like me, and not up-to-date with new technology, this article explains what Pebble and Echo do.

Wired also adds that it could be ‘an Amazon Echo-style, machine learning-inspired device’ and that the person they are looking for will ‘focus on areas like desktop, TVs, speakers, cars, wearables, headphones and partner application integrations to make Spotify available wherever our users are.’

I am so old I still use a small Apple iPod when I exercise outside, but I know everyone else is using his or her iPhone… so what’s the point to develop something else? Everything is accessible from the iPhone, from mp3s to podcasts, so why would you were a cap/shirt/belt… that streams Spotify? According to the Next Web, Spotify may be aiming to work on ‘something big’, something that doesn’t exist yet, perhaps wireless headphones the stream music?

We can speculate on what will be the next hit product, from iPod to iPhone to something else smarter, smaller, lighter… even more convenient than your iPhone. Spotify has been the dominant streaming service so far, but does it mean that the Swedish streaming service also wants to supplant Apple? We have reached such a point in our technology-obsessed society that I can see people wearing an apple watch on one arm and a Spotify product on the other arm.




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