Your Favorite Rock Stars: What Are They Really Like?

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Bob Dylan And His Mommy

Who knows what anybody is really really like? So take these snapshot deep character studies as semi-fictional impressionistic cliches but with some truth thrown in here and there for taste. Much like TMZ, it is gossip by other means… But there is enough info out on these folks where it isn’t SCIENCE FICTION.

Azealia Banks – Devastated by a brutal childhood.

Beck – Poster boy for extreme religious cults

Bethany Cosentino – Manic depressive pot head.

Billy Corgan – Can’t figure out why he’s hated and it’s driving him crazy.

Bob Dylan – Extremely private Mama’s boy and doting Grandpa

Brandon Flowers – Poster boy for extreme religious cults

Brian Wilson – The one time I met Brian he was more like a zombie then anything human.

Carole King – Has spent a life portraying herself as a Candide in a world of extreme hedonism, completely unaware of the world surrounding her, even when she got to LA

David Letterman – Horrid to everyone.

Davy Jones – At the height of his Monkees fame, spent his life visiting teenage girls dying of cancer.

Diana Ross – Adulteress with Berry Gordy, sure? But the story everybody remembers is when she fired a maid for looking her in the eyes.

Diddy – Brutal businessman and meglamaniac

Elvis Presley – Driven to borderline insanity through the rigors of being the biggest star of all time, either giving away Cadillacs or shooting up TV screens.

Jessica Simpson – Trailer trash.

Joan Jett – A pleasant pot head.

John Mayer – Singlehandedly killed off the Don Juan as hero concept.

Johnny Rotten – Super intelligent

June Carter Cash – In case you ever thought she was no more than an adjunct to Johnny, the Carter Family girl dated everybody from Marlon Brando to Elvis Presley before Johnny stole her.

Katy Perry – Egotistical monsters, if you chauffeur her around, don’t look at her in the rear mirror or she will fire you.

Kanye West – Paranoid Mama’s boy

Kurt Cobain – So fragile he was nearly translucent.

Liam Gallagher – Never got past his working class roots and can’t stop acting like a yobbo.

Marshall Crenshaw – Doesn’t suffer fools kindly.

Paul McCartney – It is hard work being the nicest guy in rock, tries to give everybody their moment with Paul according to Jonah Weiner in Rolling Stone.

Paul Schaeffer – After decades in the business, still extremely nice to fans.

Peter Tork – Very distracted

Prince – A truly nasty piece of work, an obnoxious prick.

Selena Gomez – Spoiled little brat who hates her fans.

Taylor Swift – Very sweet… unless you cross her.






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