Youth Lagoon's "July" Video Review

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Youth Lagoon, aka Trevor Powers, who was on many 2011 best of lists with his album‘The Year of Hibernation’, has released a new video for his song ‘July’, directed by Tyler T Williams who had previously directed ‘Montana’.

People will inevitably make the comparison with Arcade Fire’s video for ‘The Suburbs’,since the video starts with the same innocent bike ride, but what a ride it is!  With a lot of reverb, the slowly-paced and ethereal voice of Powers overhaunting synth introduce us to a biker and a young couple in a car looking like having a good time, until things turned all nose bleedy and dramatic, just whent he vocals culminate in a sort of tragic crescendo which would sound like Panda Bear if he could get angry.

I was at first  unsure of what happened to these people inside this house, dying from some mysterious collective brain aneurysm, but it is explained in a flashby the moon going off axis orbit. It is a cinematic tale juxtaposing violence coming from human then nature itself, with a horrific development and an escape after the apocalypse. Or may be the whole thing was just a dream? 

Let’s not forget that this is a guy who said this to explain his songwriting:

‘For my whole life I've dealt with extreme anxiety, I sometimes feel like I'm literally being eaten up inside. So I started writing these songs. Not just songs about my anxiety, but about my past and my present. Songs about memories,and all those feelings that those bring. I know that if I can be honest about what is inside my mind, there will be others that will be able to relate to it.’ 

Youth Lagoon is going on tour very soon, catch him!

3/27: Bowery Ballroom, New York
3/28: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3/29: Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge
4/11: Porter’s Pub @ UCSD,San Diego
4/12: Troubadour, LosAngeles

Check out the video here:

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