You’ve Heard Of Road Rage? Meet Concert Rage…

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The more I go to concerts and the older I get, the more irritable I become. It is like the entire experience is made for the simple reason to make me as exasperated as possible. They start by treating you like a terrorist and end as guests at a party who just won’t leave.

It’s enough to drive you crazy…. In fact, it is the concert goers form of road rage…

1 – Getting into the venue -apparently they’d prefer you were shot outside instead of in, while you tip everything out of your pocket and leave it a dog’s water pail and the damn airport scanner beeps every time you breathe on it.

2 – That moment when you’ve bough a ticket off stubhub and they’re about to scan it.

3 – The walk of death in Arenas, any second you could fall to your death.

4 – Idiots in your seat who refuse to believe you that they are in the wrong seat – like you’d lie about it, then curse at you as they are forced to move.

5 – DJs -this is especially terrible in hip hop concerts, who spin mainstream hip hop hits for over an hour. Why? What are they doing that for? It makes no sense.

6 – Lousy opening acts.

7 – Interminable waits between sets, and then the lights dim and… it’s the DJ again.

8 – Ten minute build ups before the act comes on stage and everybody stands. What is wrong with you guys, have you never been to a concert before? Let me help, don’t stand up till you hear the lead singers voice. EVER.

9 – At which time the frat boys on one side of you start singing along at the top of their voice (this once chased me out of a Van Morrison concert) and

10 – The two women behind you decide to have a long conversation at the top of their lungs

11 – And that sweet couple in front of you decide to stick their heads together so you can’t see the stage

12 – He spilled beer down my shirt?

13 – Struggling to get out before the rush, there is always that person who won’t move their bag

14 – Or wait till the end, so the ushers can come along and hustle you out

15 – Unless you’ve decided to leave at the end on the dot, in which case do the old man shuffle all the way out to the street…


2 Responses to “You’ve Heard Of Road Rage? Meet Concert Rage…”

  1. Sergio Martelli

    With ticket prices costing half a week’s pay for the shitty seats, I could buy in some cases, and entire band’s discography, plus the undeniable fact that the band will most likely appear like they can’t wait to finish the show and get stoned, playing like they haven’t gotten laid in a week… I say to them, “no thank you. take your show and shove it”.


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