Yusuf #YouAreNotAlone, Are You?

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There are currently over 10,000 missing children in Europe.  That’s conservative.  That’s ‘official’ this doesn’t include the many more who are simply unreported.  Yusuf Islam has started a charity in hopes to stop this atrocity and fund its recovery #YouAreNotAlone campaign is kicking off with a haunting song and a chill prompting video.   The song titled “ He Was Alone”, tells the all to common tale of a boy trying to start a new life- with tragic consequences.  The project began with Islams visit to a Syrian camp in Turkey-and it inspired an entire movement.

As we sit in our safe homes with full tables in constant contact with each other,  literally tens of thousands of innocent children are being used, exploited and plucked from their already unstable world.  It’s time to pause and quit bitching about the minor inconveniences and “white girl problems” and open your eyes and acknowledge that America is not the world.

The bleak song showcased Islam at the keyboard his vocals and gut wrenching as ever as he powerfully almost sobbingly recites the line ‘you are not alone’, the problem is- these children are.  And we as members of the human race should be charged with the task of saving those who are in peril.  The ‘let them eat cake’ or ‘not in my backyard’ mentality has got to go.  We are global, we cannot turn our heads.  We light candles and wear ribbons and use Facebook filters for terrors the media feeds us.  The media isn’t feeding us enough of this- this blatant genocide.  Who cares right?  Doesn’t impact your world right?

It can, it does and it will.  Children being groomed to slave to serve to fight to perform unspeakable acts, all because no one was there with a fist and a firm stance to stop it once and for all.

You can go get a latte and suck down your fair trade beans feeling you did something good for the world- or you can get off your ass and make some proper noise


Thank you Yusef- #YouAreNotAlone


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