Zayn And Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)” Reviewed (Stream It Here)

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If this was the talented One Direction singer Zayn and just about anyone else, Ariana, Selena, various Little Mix, it would be a cool pop move that is catchy and free falling sexy. The hook is blueprint ready and while the song itself is the definition of product, it is a fine product, a sure shot pop slow jam. Written by Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff, with the stupid fresh beat by one Sam Drew (Wales’ buddy), it does the job and has hit written all over it. If it was just a Zayn song off a soundtrack album I hate already, that would be fine. Hey, better than Justin Timberlake’s Troll abominations.

But it isn’t, despite Calvin Harris and Little Big Town songs Tay had a hand in, this is the first really real Taylor Swift release, the first where we’ve heard her voice,  since 1989 and it is DOA: this has none of Tay Tay’s gift for the realness undergirding modern pop she perfect two years ago. Not only could it be anybody, it is anybody, Swift doesn’t take a verse till two minutes into it. What, did she decide to take a snooze? Does she, or anybody involved in the enterprise think we look at it and think, “Cool, a new Zayn” song? Perhaps we should because this has nothing to do with the Taylor as diary keeper pop superstar we all know and love, it is a pleasant and flimsy maneuver to the charts and feels like its using Taylor’s name is false advertisement. There is none of her here, or if it has then she has become a pop everywoman.

Now, this isn’t the first salvo  of new Taylor, this isn’t the new  album. And let’s pray she isn’t stupid enough to sell herself as this sort of a chanteuse, on a conveyor belt with Meghan Trainor and Ellie Goulding, a  the popstar serial monogamist with a taste for movie stars and an identity refined out of existence. Apparently, she is working on a new album and on a TV show, and it hits me that all she needs to worry about is writing great songs and her fan base.

I don’t know about you, but by my reckoning Taylor was meant to have a new album this year and better have a killer in her back pocket, because if she thinks I think this will be enough, Swift is greatly mistaken.

Grade: B-


I Don’t wanna live forever Taylor Swift ft. Zayn from LimerenceGomez on Vimeo.


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