Zipper Club At The El Rey Theater, Monday April 17th 2017

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Zipper Club


Opening for the famous duo Banks & Steelz, Zipper Club made quite an impression on the crowd. I had already seen the young band in action during one of their Monday residencies at the Satellite last year, and I had found them completely stage-ready… and a year later, they have already toured with Tears for Fears, they are playing Coachella and opening for Banks & Steelz in Los Angeles, and their forthcoming debut album is produced by James Iha, of that 90’s iconic band, the Smashing Pumpkins.

Last August, they had presented themselves in a very professional way, with a mysterious cultish logo in the background and a coordinated laser show, which they brought back at the El Rey, transforming their short set into a futuristic experience, as the bright multicolor lights were reflecting on Lissy Trullie’s red leather pants, an outfit made for a front girl and a true rock star.

With her Mia Farrow haircut, her model-thin silhouette and her punk-new wave unapologetic delivery, she led the band’s hooky songs, while Mason James (of garage punk band Cerebral Ballzy) shared the vocals and rocked his guitar with his long hair always masking his face,… and it was a contrast that worked very well on the crowd.

Their music didn’t necessarily remind me about a specific band, but their poppy sound was catchy and multi-influenced at the same time, a bit new wave, with a sort of punk spirit and an art-show in mind (these lasers!), as their spacey synth, their fuzzy guitars and weirdly dreamy hooky chorus supported by Trullie’ determined vocals turned out to be a hit, especially during their single ‘Going the Distance’, with the line ‘I wake up at just around 2, my internal clock is always skewed’, the sort of road vagabondery you may want on repeat for that road trip to Coachella. In an unexpected turn, they punked out the end of their last song (‘Regrets’) with riotous moves, a mayhem of guitars and some hard hitting drums by their drummer Damar Davis, revealing themselves to be more than just another pop band.

More pictures here.

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